Reading, Writing, & ‘Rithmetic


This exhibit recognizes the perseverance and dedication of every teacher in rural Saskatchewan and the immense contribution they made to the lives of all the children they taught. Learn how the classroom was run back in the early 1900’s, including the rules and responsibilities of teachers, how children were educated, and fun events held at school. This suitcase also looks back at a simpler time when food and fun were homemade and—although the work was hard—there was still the time to enjoy the modest pleasures and “simple fun” that held families and communities together including children’s games and fun community events.

The suitcase contains a PowerPoint presentation and old games to play (including pick up sticks and marbles, scrapbooks, and even a replica on the 1913 Eaton’s Catalogue).

Come experience our tribute to rural life when modern technology didn’t exist and the main form of entertainment was the imagination.

To book a visit to you community or school email us at or call 306-781-3082.


Here is the inventory for what this suitcase contains:

Reading, Writing and ‘Rithmetic Inventory


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