July 24th, 2021 – Bingo Night

This Bingo Night will be held over Facebook Live at 1pm. To purchase a card, please fill out the form below the poster or visit us at the Museum between 10am and 4pm throughout the week. Please note, you will have to come pick up your card from the Museum, or make arrangements with us. Cards cannot be picked up until payment is received.

This game is $10, or if you join our Jeopardy and Kahoot! nights as well all 3 can be played for $25.

Our summer student Kay will be calling out the Bingo numbers over Facebook Live. Please call the Museum right away if you get a Bingo, the first Bingo wins the gift basket. Best of Luck everyone!

NOTE: If you are registering for all 3 Game Nights, please only fill out one form! It makes it easier for us to keep track of who is registered where.