2016-2017: Bless ‘Em All

Join us in honouring the men and women who have served this nation in wars both past and present. This year’s exhibit, “Bless Em’ All,” is designed to commemorate the sacrifices made by Canadians in all armed conflicts. We hope to illustrate the repercussions of war, the devastating effects that can result from armed conflict, and the parallel between historical and contemporary conflicts.

War Away From the Battle Front

IMG_2946This show has several sections that address Canadian involvement in battles overseas. The exhibit begins with the stories of several war brides who came to Canada in the midst of the First and Second World Wars. Their tales offer compelling insight of the heightened emotions created by such a climate, and provide readers with an understanding of the impact
war can have on civilians at home. Common household items, as well as items used during battle, are on display throughout the museum.

Cause and Effect

The next segment of the show unveils a timeline of the Great Wars, including a section that addresses how each precipitated. This portion features stories from local soldiers who fought during these conflicts. The humble stories of Fred Frey, a man from our own Kronau district, provide an example of the courage and sacrifice Canadian troops make.

Marshal Valentine Birss, another Saskatchewan hero, is also featured in our exhibit. His tale takes place during the First World War at Vimy Ridge, the setting of a brutal and bloody fight that has since become a symbol of national achievement and sacrifice. Artifacts from these time periods, as well as the two veterans’ uniforms, are on display.


Listen to the experiences of eight other Saskatchewan soldiers, whose stories share several common themes, by watching a film produced by the Government of Canada in our video room.

“Bless ‘Em All” also discusses the shortages and rationing that is required during wartime, emphasizing the devastation and loss that is caused by armed conflict.

Finally, our show illustrates the importance of Canadian contributions to the Allied cause in both World Wars and discusses more recent wars, such as the Korean War.  It offers visitors a detailed understanding of how conflict has changed in the decades after the Second World War.

A Look at Our Own World

IMG_2945The final section of the exhibit deals with the impact of war on a civilian population. This is shown through our current events storyboard, where the main conflicts of recent years are explained and examined. The Syrian Conflict and the Ukraine Crisis are looked at in thorough detail.

The interactive portion of this section focuses on groups of people who were forced to leave their homes and immigrate to Canada to escape war. It examines Canadian attitudes towards immigrants throughout history, and questions if they have changed.

We hope that visitors will gain a new perspective by reading personal stories of people who have come face-to-face with the turmoils of war.