2014-2015: Food for Thought

As you may have already learnt, Kronau Museum currently hosts two exhibits: a permanent display dedicated to the area’s pioneers (called Free Sod to Turn and Till) and one exhibit that rotates every two years. The exhibit that is currently in rotation is called Food For Thought.

As its title implies, this exhibit provides a snack for the mind, a little something to fuel the gears up there. There’s no simpler way to describe it than to say it challenges visitors to draw connections between the past and the present – because everything in the present came from something in the past.

Take, for example, the device that you’re reading this on. My bet is that half of you are squinting at a sort of mobile device that was preceded by a simple mobile or satellite phone… and before that a telephone, which may have once been tied to its body with a coiled cord… and before that, well, I’m talking about the machines that didn’t even have any buttons!

Can you surf the web on said mobile device? Can you listen to music? Can you shop? All of these activities used to be mutually exclusive; you could talk on the phone, but you certainly couldn’t buy things off of it. Today, however, so much of our world is accessible by one little two-by-three inch screen.

We didn’t forget to pay homage to thing which kick-started Saskatchewan settlement, either. Agriculture and our environment, some might be willing to argue, provide the greatest evidence of the ways in which our society has transformed. One hundred years ago, the phrase “global warming” meant nothing. Similarly, GMOs weren’t yet a contentious issue. How else has the world changed since your parents were the age you are?

I’ll tell you now what I’m going to tell you when you stop in for a visit: play our game, Guess the Artifact. It’s really not that difficult and if you submit the most correct answers, we’ll give you a prize! Plus, it’s another great way to learn about the lifestyle and methods of the people before us.

See you soon!


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