August 9th, 2018 – Married to Hard-Work

The following information and photos were submitted by Carol Norris, daughter of Steve Frank, who donated two wedding dresses to the Kronau Museum. The written passage has been adapted from a family history book by Ed & Frieda Lauridsen.

Anton Lauridsen, the 4th child of Sidsel Marie Jenson and Mads Lauridsen, was born on April 15th, 1893 in Varde, Denmark. He immigrated to the USA and took up farming in the Kankakee area in Illinois. He married Louise “Lizzie” Brueggert on September 18th, 1012, the daughter of Frederick and Frederika Brueggert of Chebanse, Illinois.

Anton came to Saskatchewan in 1913 to scout for some farm land, accompanied by an agent of the Person Land Co. by the name of Iris Willis. He purchased the NE ¼ – 20 – 25 – 18 W2nd, then returned to Kankakee to get his family. In the spring of 1914, he returned to Canada with his wife and their first born, Maurius.

frank wedding

Anton left his machinery behind, also his horses, due to foot and mouth disease. Louise and her son Maurius stayed at the neighbours, “the Michelsons,” who had moved there a year earlier, also from Illinois, while their home was being built.

Anton and Louise had nine children in all: Maurius, Louise, Edward, Albert, Norman, Mary, Doris, Dolly, and Hilda. Maurius died in 1923 at the age of nine with measles and is buried in Southey. In 1936, another son died at the age of 16 years because of a blow to the head and is buried in Weyburn. Louise lived in Ocean Falls, BC with her husband Dave Ramsay and daughter May and her family. They worked at Safeway as headcashiers for many years. She died in 1970 and was buried at Ocean Falls.

The remaining six children were farmers. Edward, Norman, and Mary are now retired and living in Regina. The other three, Doris, Dolly, and Hilda, are still farming and live within a 50-mile radius of Regina.

Anton and Louise farmed for 34 years, moving to Regina in 1948. They resided on Wascana Street until Anton’s death in August of 1958. Louise lived with her daughter at Southey until her death in 1965.

frank wedding 2


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