Our Outreach Program: Museum in a Suitcase

Kelsey 2016-school Presentation
Kronau Museum’s 2016 summer student Kelsey Morrison  heads into Balgonie Elementary School for a presentation. 

We get it. We’re located in rural Saskatchewan and as much as some of you may want to come here, circumstances don’t allow it. In recognition of this and in an effort to both promote Kronau Museum and share Saskatchewan history, we’ve developed an outreach program. We’ll come to you!



Each mobile package developed is inspired by an exhibit that the museum has previously hosted. The suitcases that are currently in circulation are “From Field to Market”, a detailed exploration of the history of Saskatchewan agriculture and its role in settlement, and “Simple Fun”/“Reading, Writing, and ‘Rithematic”, which examines the lifestyle and education system of the area’s pioneers. We understand that different audiences have different interests and capabilities, and have adjusted our presentation to be age appropriate.

One scrapbook, a copy of our presentation/speaking notes, and the presentation’s accompanying activities and artefacts are packed into a suitcase for ease of portability and use (hence the name). When you book a presentation, the museum representative delivers a twenty to thirty minute oral component then leaves the rest of the designated hour for discussion. As well, this time is an opportunity to look through the artefacts or scrapbook, which provides our content in greater detail, and participate in related activities.

In the past, we’ve found (and subsequently designed) our outreach program to be especially suitable for the classroom and retirement homes. For a younger audience, our presentation serves as a trip back in time, to an era that they can hear about but will never experience or fully understand. Created by an education student, the activities are an asset to any teacher and help make our presentation educational, not just enjoyable. As for the residents of a retirement home, they’ll likely be able to tell us more than we can tell them!

Karley at Wolsley 2015
Karley Schwab, a 2015 summer student, sits with members of the Wolseley Senior Centre during a “Field to Market” visit.

More than anything else, our presentation is the chance to reminisce and share memories that were once forgotten.


It’s free. Yeah: free! Our goal is to promote the outreach program and our museum – not to make money – so visiting locations in the area surrounding Regina are as much a treat for us as they are for you.

For locations outside of this region, further discussion is required between the interested party and the museum.

To book a presentation or discuss our Museum in a Suitcase program further, contact Kronau Museum.


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