Once upon a Time 100 years ago

In 2012 we created our previous exhibit called “Once in Time 100 years ago.” This was to celebrate the centennial of the church building and events that happened a 100 years ago such as the Titanic and the 1912 Regina Cyclone. We also contrasted the past with the present by exploring culture and society at the time and compared it to our own. We examined topics such as recycling (concentrating on the green movement that is still happening today), shopping (we have an Eaton’s catalog from 1912 as well as clothing from the pioneer days, as well as other exhibits on this topic) and the environment (The change occurring in our environment and the impact it has had).10353102_669468759794138_4381158974046540655_n 10469321_669468939794120_4120992635860593699_n  10552595_669468633127484_2005008324903368541_n10347782_669468653127482_5218546773478918433_n


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