Kronau, the Saskatchewan Town

Kronau, SK, is a lot easier to find than you might expect – it’s just super important to clarify to Google that you want to stay in the Prairies, or else it takes you to Germany. Our small hamlet is located less than twenty kilometers southeast of Regina on Highway 33. In 2011, it was estimated that 250 people lived in the hamlet and we’re just one town of many that belong to the R.M. of Lajord No. 128.

Kronau is recognized provincially for its proximity to heritage sites such as the St. Peter’s Church and Grotto (at St. Peter’s Colony) and the Kronau Bethlehem Heritage Cemetery. If you’re stopping in to visit either of those, be sure to have supper at the Come-Around Café (in the curling rink) and dessert at Schneider’s Ice Cream Shop. As well, Kronau boasts a gas station, post office, and Harvard Western Insurance office. Unfortunately, the town lost its only school in 2008. What do we consider to be the highlight of the town? Kronau Museum, of course!

Currently, Kronau is participating in discussion with the Brazilian metals and mining corporation Vale. At the start of 2014, the two parties entered the “final feasibility study” stage of what is called The Kronau Project. According to Vale, “The Kronau Project is a proposed potash mine and Vale’s first potash project in Canada.” The mine was first suggested several years ago and the community is now awaiting the 2016 decision of whether the project will be finalized. If the decision is to continue, the construction process is expected to employ up to 2000 people on-site, and during the mine’s operation, 350 permanent, full-time jobs will be made available. In their mission statement, Vale states that it expects to produce between 3 and 4 million tonnes of potash each year for more than four decades.


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