Simple Fun Virtual Tour – For Kids!

Our rotating exhibit is “Simple Fun,” a fun showcase of different games, toys, and other forms of entertainment throughout the ages. Keep scrolling for a virtual tour of what we have on display.

Welcome to Simple Fun – A time when social interactions were person-to-person, before technology impacted the way we communicate. This exhibit will take you on a nostalgic journey through a time when families had fun playing and being together.
Have you seen one of these before? This is called a Stereoscope, and it was used to make pictures look 3-D! The pictures you see at the bottom were placed in front of the eyepiece, where people would look through. This stereoscope is from 1867! Wow!

Below are pictures of the View-Master, which is the newer version of the Stereoscope. The small disks in the first photo are placed inside the View-Master, where the viewer can press a switch to watch each slide for a little story. What do you think is the modern version of the View-Master that is used today?
(Click on the images below to make them bigger)
Have you seen this candy before? Lucky Elephant Pink Candy Popcorn is a Canadian candy that has been around since the 1950s! Charleston Chew was created in 1922, named after the Charleston, a popular early-20th century dance. Red Hots Candy were made in the 1930’s under the name “Cinnamon Imperials.” What’s your favorite candy?
These are electronic games. The Einstein toy was made by Castle Toys in 1979. It’s a memory game! How does this toy compare to the electronic toys of today?
The doll on the left is an Eaton Beauty Doll. Over its 100-year history, the Eaton Beauty Dolls have been treasured by children and collectors! Every year, a different doll was released. Do these dolls look like the ones you play with? Behind the Jack-in-a-Box, you can see some Dr.Seuss books, which I’m sure you still read today!
These are an old pair of Dominion Bob Skates, which are made to help kids learn how to skate. Have you seen these before? Skating is still a fun activity that has been done for many generations!
Sports are an important part of the community then and now! This is the Bat Boy’s jacket from the Kronau baseball team in 1946.
Look at that Slinky Kitten! She is an example of a “pull toy,” which means it is intended to be pulled behind you, almost like you are walking a dog. Can you think of any new versions of pull toys?
What board games do you like to play? This game is called Chinese Checkers and is played with marbles which sit on top of the little holes you see in the board. This game is still popular today!
Have you ever played Pinball? This is a vintage handheld pinball game. Much different than playing Pinball on the computer!
These are Red Rose Tea Ornaments, made by a company called Wade Pottery. In 1967, Red Rose used to have these little collectibles as prizes in their teas. Have you ever won a prize out of a cereal box?

That’s the end of our tour. Make sure you check out our other virtual exhibit by clicking here. Thank you!