Free Sod to Turn and Till Virtual Tour – For Kids!

“Free Sod to Turn and Till: History of Kronau” is the permanent exhibit at the Kronau Museum documenting the settlers and their struggles coming from Europe to Canada.

Your family might have immigrated from another country at some point in your family history. Do you know what country your family comes from? This exhibit explores the struggles that the pioneers and other Canadian residents went through as they settled in Saskatchewan.

This exhibit is located within the church building. This church is called the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, and it was built in 1912 a few miles away from Kronau. That makes this church over 100 years old! It was moved to Kronau in 1950 and is no longer an active church.
This is an oil lamp. It creates light through oil, not electricity. This lamp is from 1912, when the church was built.
The Treaties are important parts of Canada’s past. When the settlers started to build their lives on the land we now call Canada, they signed treaties with the Aboriginal people who were already living here. A lot of Canada’s land mass is covered by treaties, as you can see in this map.
Many people with family heritages that trace back to Kronau come to the museum to read the family history books that we have available.
Below you can see the names of the different families that first settled in the Kronau area. Many of these families still live in the area today! There are also other images featured in our exhibit.
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It is important to learn about your family history and where your ancestors came from. Maybe today you can talk to your parents or grandparents about your heritage!

That’s the end of our tour. Make sure you check out our other virtual exhibit by clicking here. Thank you!

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