February 14, 2016 – Part One: Sweethearts since school

Having spent their whole lives in the Kronau area, committee members Reinhold and Hilda Euteneier might be some of the best equipped to discuss the community’s history – especially since their history and the community’s are one in the same. There’s five of us around the museum table, but Grant Fahlman, Ron Euteneier, and I … More February 14, 2016 – Part One: Sweethearts since school

Making Memories, August 2015

I’ve spent a lot of time laughing at the rule sheet, hanging at the front of the classroom in Saar School. From the looks of it, this group has seemingly violent tendencies. A definite 36% – and an arguable 57% – of their rules forbid not-nice interaction, but again, it’s probably better this way. If we had categorized hitting and punching and kicking and biting and shouting all under “Play nice”, that may have been giving the little tykes too much freedom of interpretation. … More Making Memories, August 2015

August 7, 2015 – Meet the Fawcetts

“[S]he looked at me and said, ‘Who do you love more, me or Jesus?’” Today is August 7, 2015, but Peter Fawcett is sitting on the steps leading up to his girlfriend’s sister’s apartment in 1954. He’s once again seventeen, and Lydia Warm, the girl he’s courting (his word, not mine), has just asked him maybe the toughest question he’ll ever have to answer. … More August 7, 2015 – Meet the Fawcetts